K8RIC Delta Conversion

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1. Introduction

    Rick Willaman (K8RIC) did such a nice job converting his Delta unit that it's only proper to share some of his construction details and pictures here.  While he followed the basic conversion steps, he improved upon the conversion by fully connectorizing the Delta / Control Head interface, even including S Meter functionality.  In addition, some of his excellent pictures have been included in the website itself to replace the ones originally taken.

    Here are Rick's improvements:

    a) J-601 Backplane Wiring

Here's a better picture of the backplane wiring done to J-601, using color coded wire - Nice!

    b) HL Pin Assignments

This sketch shows how Rick chose to assign the functions of the HL Pins that match up to the corresponding pins on J-601. These are the pins on A-601 that were 'spared up' for use as connection points.

    c) J-601 Pin Assignments

Here are the assignments of the J-601 pins that are later drilled out and soldered to wires to the female DB-25 connector that will be mounted over top of the Delta's J-601 connector.  Note that Rick used 'reserved' pins 23 and 24 for his S Meter circuit - clever!

    d) DB-25 Interface Cabling

    The original procedure called for hard-wiring a DB-25 cable to the 'innards' of the Delta, either by drilling a hole in the side of the radio, or by pulling the DB-25 cable through one of the holes in the front panel connector.  Rick mounting the DB-25 connector on the radio itself.  He did this by first drilling holes in the appropriate power and communications pins, by soldering the leads from these pins to a DB-25 connector, and then by mounting the connector on the Delta itself.

    e) Adding an 'S' Meter

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