Making Surplus GE FM Radios Frequency Agile 

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    Upgrade inexpensive GE  FM radios for amateur use with an external Microprocessor (M/P), LCD and keypad. The M/P communicates directly with its PLL. No modifications are made to the VCO, and the 'spectral purity' of the radio is unchanged. Moderate technical skills and time are required.

Important Note:  The M/P code has been updated so that the M/P will generate the CTCSS tones and decode them.  As a result, the often hard-to-obtain MX-465P chip will no longer be required.  The 'legacy' MX-465P conversion will remain posted.
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DISCLAIMER - - If you follow the steps outlined herein, you do so at your own risk. I cannot, nor will not, be responsible for any possible damage to radio equipment, personal property, to yourself or to others caused by modifications that you may make to the radio as a result of your reading this.

The M/P controls TRANSMITTING and receiving on a wide range of frequencies. In the USA, TRANSMIT operation requires a license issued by the FCC  for the class of operation intended.  Amateur radio licensees must maintain strict control over their equipment, preventing unlicensed operation within the amateur bands, or outside of them.

The information on this website, the schematic drawings and the secure code contained within the microprocessor are all copyrighted.

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